Power Capacitors and microstrip variants

Some possible capacitors for power applications.

Capacitor Types

A selection of different capacitor types with very different broadcast applications:

A typical electrolytic for a Tx power supply, 100Vdc to 15A rms ripple.

A ceramic decoupler capacitor say 500Vdc 10A peak.

A high power vacuum filter capacitor (ultra low loss) 50Kvdc, 60A rms.

A MMIC interdigital capacitor (in reality a phi C network), 6Vdc, a few mA.

Capacitor Diagram

Microstrip Power Capacitor

A simple capacitor consisting of an area of conductor on a dielectric over a ground plane. This could be a copper plate over an air dielectric, slight problem of separating the plate from the ground plane (teflon spikes?) but very high current capacity. Normally a standard piece of microstrip substrate with an etched on "live" plate. The shape does not have to be rectangular/square it can be of any with a calculated area. In fact for topological reasons the sum-filter uses capacitors of rectangular moon shapes for the three input capacitors and the sum point.

Microstrip Cap