Power Inductors and microstrip variants

Some possible inductors for power applications.

Inductor Types

A selection of different inductors types with very different broadcast applications:

A typical ferrite inductor for a Tx power supply, 50Vdc to 50A rms ripple.

A low power filter inductor, high precision say 100Vdc 100mA peak.

A high power filter inductor (ultra low loss) 1Kvdc, 60A rms.

A low frequency power supply choke.

Capacitor Diagram

Wound Power Inductor

A simple inductor consisting of single layer copper coil with an air core. The turns are spaced, diameter, length ratio held small to minimise inter turn capacitance, mutual inductance, possible arc over. Ferrites are avoided to evite power saturation.

Wound Ind

Line Inductor

Very useful for distributed filters, based upon a fine transmission line

Line Ind