Multi-step Wilkinson

Calculate the generic characteristics of a 2 way Wilkinson with stepped line transformers. The results can be transformed to microstrip later.

Wilkinson multi-step 2 way combiner

Microstrip Line Diagram

Wilkinson multi-step 2 way combiner

If you are looking for your ideal Band 11 combiner for those 1.5Kw pallets, well there isn't one.

However you could start with a design 43 Ohm in to 50 Ohm out, n = 1 for in, n = 2 for out, binomial profile and 80 or 40 Ohm sum point. Either a standard 100 or 75 Ohm 1Kw balance resistor is sufficient for those possible fault conditions. Mount on a 12mm, 2oz Polyflon Norclad substrate and you are away.